Tuesday, June 14, 2011

GUIDE: Mailing 16mm Film to a Lab

Please select a lab from the resources column. For B&W reversal, use PAC Lab in NYC until Cinelab reopens.


[]Call the lab to make sure they are operating AND make sure they process the type of film that you have

Inside your package that you send to the lab:

[] Film is boxed inside it’s original package, sealed with tape and packed in such a way that it is not rattling. Your name and phone number should appear on the film box.

Enclose the lab's printable order form or a note that includes:

[]Your legible name and complete return address

[]The type of return shipping you desire (1st class mail, Priority Mail, UPS, FED-EX, etc.)

[]Your payment (Postal money order or your credit card number with expiration date PLUS specify whether it’s a Visa or Mastercard and write your name as it appears on the card)

On your outgoing package:

[]Legibly printed or typed full address of the lab, including the zip code

[]Your name and return address

[]Correct postage

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