Tuesday, June 7, 2011

16mm Film Production is back in session SUMMER 2011 EDITION

Class 1 – Tuesday, June 7

Introduction to the class; Policies; Types of projects that will be possible; Film production workflow; Review costs and other materials; Overview of 16mm film history and background

DOWNLOAD the syllabus

Assignment: Read Ascher & Pincus Chapters 1 & 4

HERE is a list of famous films made in 16mm format

HERE is a link to the suggested textbook. THE FILMMAKERS HANDBOOK by Asher & Pincus. The older edition may be used.


Buying 16mm Film, Summer 2011

The easiest way to buy film stock is to go to the counter of the SMFA Store located at 230 Fenway next to MassArt. Contact the School Store at 617-369-3889

Summer Hours (beginning June 7, 2010)

Monday–Thursday 8:30 am–8 pm

Friday 9 am–12 pm

Saturday + Sunday Closed

Your instructor will also have limited quantities of fresh stock available for cost. Please pay with cash and let me know in advance by email if you need me to bring film to class.

Black and White 16mm is $18.00 per 100' roll

This is what a new box of TRI X film looks like:

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