Monday, September 13, 2010

Class 2 - Thursday, September 16

Reversal Film Stock; Camera and lens characteristics; Exposure control; Cinematography concepts; depth-of–field; Bolex H16RX Camera; Sekonic light meter

Assignment: Read Ascher & Pincus Chapters 2 & 3

Begin planning DOCUMENT project

DOCUMENT PROJECT: Working individually, each student will document a subject of their choice using a single roll of 16mm Kodak TRI-X black and white reversal film. Use a variety of shot sizes and lens focal lengths to describe and bring out some unusual aspects of your subject. Keep your subject in focus and correctly exposed. Finished projects should be 1-2 minutes total running time.
Works in progress will be viewed on OCT 14 and finished projects are DUE on OCT 21.

Bolex Shutter Speeds with Sekonic Meter setting:

Download a Sekonic L-398 Light Meter Quick Instructions HERE.

Download a Bolex H-16 manual HERE.

Here is a video demo I made on loading the Bolex camera. Click HERE to watch on Youtube because it is cropped on this blogsite.

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